Case Study: Custom Stonework for Pied-À-Terre Entry

London, England

THE CHALLENGE: Fabricate custom stone slabs for entry floor.
THE SOLUTION: After sources in London told him it couldn't be done, Interior Designer Ron Mann contacted Wheeler Zamaroni to source, procure and cut stone slabs to be set into his custom-designed entry floor for his clients' London pied-à-terre. Working with the designer, Wheeler Zamaroni located just the right stone for the project. They cut the pieces to the designer's specifications in their stone fabrication shop, and shipped the stone to England for installation.

Design Professional

Wheeler Zamaroni has been a partner to the California Landscape Design industry almost as long as we’ve been around. We know that designing a winning landscape involves analysis, planning, design and creation of exterior spaces using plant material and appropriate hardscape elements. Our motto is: You bring the plants, and leave the rest to us.

Wheeler Zamaroni has a large range and selection of products, giving you freedom and flexibility in your design. We keep most of our products in stock, enabling you and your clients to touch and see actual stones or other products at one location. We supply samples, and you can even purchase small amounts to conduct mockups.

Can’t make it to our location?

We are happy to do business where it is convenient for you. We can bring samples to your office, job or client site. We can assist with design, review submittals and conduct installation training for your contractors and craftsmen.

Need a local contractor?

We are frequently asked to provide referrals to both professional clients and homeowners. We are proud to be associated with the many outstanding professionals we work with and refer inquiries to the appropriate resources.

We know that we don’t succeed if you - our professional customers - don’t succeed. We make it easy for you to obtain the landscaping products required regardless of the size of the job. Whether you need help selecting, locating, pricing or delivering product, we’ve got you covered. We can help make you make your landscaping projects a success.

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