Debris Box for Recycling Concrete and Asphalt

Order a WZ soil or rock product to be delivered with your recycle bin, and we'll waive the product delivery fees!

Limited to 10 tons of gravel/stone or 12 yards of soil/bark.

Recycle Bins

WZ Eco-Friendly ProductThose big jobs can produce a lot of waste after the dust settles, so order up a recycle bin and go green with WZ! 

After you have jackhammered up your old drive way or concrete patio, call us for a recycle bin and we will do the rest. You will have the comfort of knowing that you have done your part to avoid adding to our landfill and that it has been 100% recycled. Asphalt and concrete can be recycled back into base rock; keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills. Read more about Wheeler Zamaroni's committment to eco-friendly products in landscaping.

Recycle bins have a very low loading height making it easy to load with smaller equipment, and the end of the bin opens for hand-loading. Our recycle bins can hold up to 10 tons of material. We can only accept broken concrete and asphalt, NO soil or household garbage.

Recycle bin fees include delivery and pick of the bin, with a standard 4 days in between.  Contact us for inquiries on ordering additional days for your project. We can schedule your recycle bin delivery today!  Available to Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties.

Contact us for delivery capabilities, range and rates. GO