Use this comprehensive set of formulas and calculators to help you determine the quantity of building or landscape material you will need for your project. Don’t see a way to calculate the specific material you need? Contact Us and ask to speak to a sales person. We’ll be happy to help.

Volume & Perimeter
Most products are sold in cubic feet which is a measure of volume. Adding and subtracting rectangular, circular, and triangular volumetric measurements may assist you in planning efforts with your landscaping project. Volume calculations are necessary when using aggregate (rock), sand, soil, mulch, compost, and concrete. Obtaining the measurements in the diagram below will allow you to use our Volume Calculator or Permimeter Calculator to estimate the amount of materials for your project.

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Calculate it Now!

Materials Coverage

Landscape supplies tend to vary in depth requirements depending on the product and depending on the application. Keep in mind that some materials may compact more than others when estimating the amount of materials to order. Consult with us for a more detailed estimate of materials. The following table is a general guide that may help you estimate the amount of product needed for common landscape projects.
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