Wheeler Zamaroni carries a wide variety of interlocking pavers for applications such as driveways, pathways, patios and pool decks - and more. Interlocking pavers are one of the best ways to lend color, artistry and a unique feel to any landscape. Interlocking pavers are also more durable than traditional poured paving due to their excellent load dispersion capability and load bearing capacity, typically rated for 8000 pounds per square inch or more! Many of these paving stones reach 11 to 12 thousand pound compressive strength per square inch. Interlocking pavers flex and move with the ground, and rarely crack or break, even during earthquakes. They also provide access to utility lines without having to destroy the entire paved area. Just unlock the paving stones, repair the utility lines, and replace.
Interlocking pavers are also more environmentally friendly than traditional poured paving surfaces.
By allowing water to flow between the pavers and not just across the surface, interlocking pavers help to conserve water by reducing runoff. Read more about Wheeler Zamaroni's committment to eco-friendly products in landscaping.
Wheeler Zamaroni can help you select the best interlocking pavers for your application, along with choosing the right amount of pavers for the size and shape of your application. We can also provide referrals to qualified local installation contractors.

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