Wheeler Zamaroni has long been an industry leader in the manufacture of soil mixes and amendments. We also carry a wide variety of mulches, bark products and top dressings. We have long been a partner to the nursery trade, providing special planting mixes and mulches for a broad range of plants and growing requirements, such as trees, California native plants, succulents, cacti, palm trees, bog plants and more.
Soil Products

Wheeler Zamaroni is one of the top suppliers of soil mixes, soil amendments, and soil-less mixes to the Northern California nursery market. Our custom blending of high quality materials makes our mixes among the finest soil products available. Continual testing and strict quality controls allow us to provide a proven and consistent mix.

Bark and Mulch Products

Wheeler Zamaroni stocks over one dozen different types of bark and wood products for decorative and utility applications. Our wide range of wood bark products allow you to choose the material that best suits the look you want and that fits your budget. We also provide certified playground chips, which meet all applicable government standards. From  mulch oriented products to the highest quality decorative fir and redwood barks, Wheeler Zamaroni has the product you need at a price you can afford.
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