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We've been doing some landscaping at our house and needed a large amount of bark.  We dropped in to Wheeler Zamaroni and their staff was very friendly and answered our "noob" questions without making us feel like noobs.    They had a lot of types of bark to choose from and their prices were all listed out on a price sheet.  You can see the types in small bins in their office area or you can walk out back to the larger bins to get a feel for what it'll look like in large quantities.

That was a few weeks ago.  We decided on a type this week and I called in our order on Friday morning around 11am.  The salesperson was friendly and took down my request for 7 yards of bark.  Delivery to Rohnert Park was only $35 which doesn't seem bad and they were able to deliver next day!

Delivery came this morning, driver was on the earlier side of the 8-10am window and was very courteous.  He managed to drop the huge batch right where I needed it.  Overall, we'll be glad to get our next batch of 4-5 yards via WZ.
— Scott T.
 recently finished a landscaping project at my house for which I purchased about 10 pallets of flagstone and wall cap stone. I found Troy Silveira, the fabrication manager to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I also found Tony Damico, the purchasing manager, to be very helpful, responsive and professional.

Troy is a long-time stone mason and stone artisan who took over the stone fabrication operation in 2012. With his stone mason expertise, Troy explained to me the long-term perfomance advantages/disadvantages of the various stones I was considering for my wall cap and flagstone. Troy advised me to select the Fossil Creek stone due to its combination of workability for my stone mason, its non-porous nature and its resistance to spalling. He was right on all counts. My landscape architect was happy, my stone mason was happy and most important, my wife was happy. It looks great. Troy made this good recommendation even though the wall cap did not require his fabrication services because the wall cap was cut to my specifications by the Fossil Creek vendor in Arizona. I am looking for an opportunity to use Troy's stone fabrication capabilities, because I was so impressed with him and his eye for detail.

Tony Damico arranged the order that I worked up with Troy and was very responsive in giving me updates on delivery dates.
— Gary K.
The driver just left after working carefully to dump 60 yards of mulch (two huge truck loads) on our tiny driveway.  I was concerned about burying plants lining the driveway but he missed them all.  There is definitely an artistry to operating a dump truck.  The driver was in and out of the truck dozens of times trying to line the loads up correctly and then all the adjustments he made while dumping were the icing on the cake.  I also appreciated that he was easy going and had a sense of humor.  The price for the mulch was fair and the delivery was on time.  What more can you ask for?
— Judith A.

Sonoma's source for landscaping materials!  They have real stone, stone veneer, stone, boulders, gravel, crushed DG, pebbles, rocks, concrete, bark, red bark, brown bark, blue bark (OK well maybe not blue).  We were stoked to find this place as we'd been driving to Marin and Napa and still not finding the selection of material we found here.
— Tim P.
Wheeler Zamaroni is a resource for most landscaping supplies.  Their yard has pavers and flagstone  on display along with all the different stones and ideas on how to use them.  Inside the customer service can answer all of your questions and they have a list of contractors to help with installation of products.  Samples of all the different mulch, dirts, artificial grasses and catalogs are on the walls.

We have been doing business with Wheeler Zamaroni for the last 14 years.  We've purchased small amounts of mulch using garbage cans carried in the back of our car.  Had them dump mulch from their tractor scoop into our pickup  bed.   Had mulch and dirt delivered to our driveway for a $35.00 fee.  The drivers are always on time, professional, polite and friendly.

Recently we had 13 pallets of pavers delivered to our home. A very professional and experienced driver arrived with two trailers containing the pallets strapped down, with a fork lift attached to the back of the second  trailer.   Without a word the driver unstrapped all the pallets, lowered the forklift and went to the job of stacking all pallets in size order to the side of our driveway. (we could still move our car in and out of the garage).  With ease and grace he maneuvered the fork lift, lifting and placing the heavy pallets softly onto the dirt.  Quiet and confident in the job he put the fork lift back on the trailer, rolled up all the straps and left.  I was amazed at how he made it all look so simple.

Will I do business with them again?  Yes
Will I tell a friend about this business?  Yes, I have and will continue to do so.
Are their prices fair?  Yes
Were the sales people easy to work with?  Yes,
Were my calls on the phone answered to my satisfaction?  Yes
Were the delivery drivers considerate of my property?  Yes
Did they deliver when they said they would?  Yes
any complains?  No
— Diane G.
I needed 5.5 cubic yards of concrete (that's quite a bit of concrete) for walkways in the back yard of our Santa Rosa house.  When the BIG concrete supplier wanted to deliver in the late afternoon, my concrete pumper  (Absolute  Concrete Pumping) recommended Wheeler Zamaroni as an alternative supplier.  They were happy to show up exactly when we needed them at 10:30 AM.

I placed my order the day before with a quite pleasant young lady, and I made it clear the concrete would be pumped.  The concrete was exactly the right consistency and had the correct size aggregate.  The driver was very friendly and helpful.  Everything went as well as it possibly could have gone.  Even the weather cooperated: a light rain didn't start until 9 PM.  There was no rain damage, no squirrel prints, no cat prints, and we walked on it (gently) today.

Please note that it is up to YOU to coordinate the concrete pumper and concrete delivery.  I this case (my first experience) everything went perfectly.  I didn't do any comparison shopping, but the price seemed perfectly reasonable, particularly as we kept the truck on site for a few hours.  They left no mess behind.
— Lawrence K.
WZ has been my 'go to source' for Sonoma field stone, blue shale and walk-on bark for over 15 years as I continued to develop my addiction to gardening and landscaping.   Great selection and prices.
— Elise G.
This place is very unique. Got some gravel from there. The have a lot of selections. The service is the best. Price is reasonable. Highly recommend this place.
— W.W.
The staff at Wheeler Zamaroni are outstanding! I consider myself an average guy who enjoys doing home projects and their staff make it easy.  They're friendly, knowledgeable and they take an actual interest in your success.  Thank you WZ!
— Brentt B.
I recently started going to WZ for flagstone, and I have made multiple trips with nothing but great service. All the guys in the yard, Luke, Eric, and the rest have helped me generously. Kyle in the scale shack is very "professional" , as well as the ladies at the front counter and even the young grey haired man at the gate. Customer service is always a plus for me. Whoever is telling them that there (or you just hired well) this crew is very helpful. It is a little longer drive for me but yes I will be coming back
— Blaze N.
I had rock delivered. The driver put it in the exact spot I had asked the rock be delivered to.  Even better than I ever expected. I called and asked that they thank our truck driver. Excellent job!!!
— Larry B.
Best place ever! Always friendly and helpful! My go to place, I've redone my yards 3 times now and always come back to Wheeler Zamaroni I wouldn't choose any where else.
— Kathy M.
These guys are so nice to work with and helpful.  They have a ton of great products to chose from.   This is our 3rd time working with them.

Danny & Mayo are the best!
— Kathy A.

I have always appreciated their supplies and support. Recently, working on a small project and they were great. To be honest, the office/administrative staff seems...challenged. And, I felt sorry for how a new gal was being treated by one employee, however, everyone was working hard to get what I needed and to figure out the delivery schedule.  The gentlemen that arrived was so helpful - great customer service all around. I appreciate how patient they are in helping a "novice" figure out what was needed.
— Lucinda M.
Wheeler Zamaroni has always been my "go-to" for all of my landscaping materials.

Today, Cactus help me load up my orange Inferno Toyota Tacoma with a bed packed of Shredded Redwood.
Each year I come here for landscaping material in the spring time. They always seemed to be well stocked with exactly what I am seeking. It's generally a good idea to call before you come down. Most importantly properly measure the area accordingly to make sure you are getting enough product for your job. Sometimes it's possible that a business will run put of product. Especially during peak landscaping season like Spring and Summer.

Wheeler Zamaroni can be a little busy at times. So be patient if you can. Once you get though the office, the guys in the yard are super speedy and on point!
Cactus was lightening fast with precision and efficiently. Super nice guy! I even got a hand shake. I found him to be very professional especially when he asked me if I wanted to tarp the side of my truck to protect Electra's Inferno shine. Way to go Wheeler Zamaroni team!

Glad to see they are open on Saturdays.
— Stephanie A.
Best landscape materials yard to make a decorative rock parking pad: Of the three Santa Rosa materials yards I visited, WZ is the largest, has the best selection of materials, and the best prices for materials and delivery. Elmer was very helpful to show numerous finished sample pads on the WZ site to see and walk on different decorative materials (no sample pads in other yards). WZ delivery driver placed four yards of base rock and pea-sand in two separate mounds exactly as requested, with no spillover. I returned three weeks after the bulk delivery to get 10 cubic feet for a side area, and a friendly gentleman packed and loaded bags into my SUV.
— Jack R.
Have purchased landscaping materials here several times.  Always have what I need.  And if I'm not sure which materials to use for a job, I get good, smart, honest advice.

Last purchase was 9 yards of shredded bark.  Delivery charge seemed reasonable. Dump trucked it all onto my driveway

That was a big pile of stuff to wheelbarrow from my driveway to the backyard.  That was last year and I feel tired just remembering it.
— Tom S.

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